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Reservations must be made by 22:00. Tables can be reserved and reserved until 22:00.

Opening hours:Monday - Saturday, 18:00-05:00

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Phone number: +36 (1) 374 3329
emelt Terrace
billiards gallery
house Room
retro Room

You'll always find the latest hits on our Retro dance floor in the basement. Led by our DJs, you can hear the best of the 80's-90's, 2000's. Every week until the morning, we're nostalgic with unforgettable dance numbers. 

rnb Room
house desk
karaoke Room
bacardi Room
vip Room

If you want to sit in a more secluded area, or perhaps play beer pong, this is the place for you. In our basement area you'll find our Separé booth, located near the Retro Room and the House Room, but you can easily get to any of our dance floors from here. Plus, you can have a little fun with company on our beer pong tables with a game of beer pong.

optica Room